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The reign is in chaos, choose between Sigfried the Sword of the king and Gregor the hammer of the king, live an epic adventure fighting against thieves, rebel knights and a dark cult leaded by a lich. Real actors lend their faces and skills to this fantasy adventure you will not easy forget, can you survive or will you die fighting for the king?

Download Sword and Hammer – the hand of the king on xbox 360 only 80 msp.

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  1. FalconPilot scrive:

    Well, uhm… Where do I begin.

    First, yeah, I tried the game on a friend’s console, and there are some problems. First, the gameplay is excessively repetitive, and that’s bad for the fun. Very bad. Even in the first level the game becomes boring after a small amount of time, and we see the same sequences again and again… And the sound effects/post prod’ is not really enough for a game.

    But, at least there are some positive points. The basic idea was not bad, and the costumes are really cool and nicely choosed.

    Sadly, the acting could’ve been really better, here it is like “We are the bad man, posing for the good guy, on line, right here, and we’re making a queue to only fight 1 on 1 like dummies. Yay !

    Well, good luck for the next…

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